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Bicyclist steals companionship



Police are on the lookout for a man who allegedly took two yet-to-be inflated blow-up dolls from a downtown sex shop Sunday night before making his getaway on a single-speed bicycle.

"I was pretty much in shock," says Diane Joy, manager of Missoula's Fantasy for Adults Only. "I drove around for a while to see if I could find a bicycle, or if, maybe, he dumped them."

According to Joy, the man entered the 210 E. Main Street store and browsed the blow-up dolls before asking an on-duty clerk what time the shop closed. The suspect then left and returned just before 10 p.m., when a store employee was preparing to shut down for the night.

Joy says when the suspect came back, he told the clerk that he aimed to purchase two dolls—the newly released "Jesse Jane" and an "Ultra-Real Julie." That prompted the clerk to remove the goods from a locked case, place them on the counter and begin to tally the sale. The suspect then allegedly grabbed the dolls and ran out the store's tinted door before hopping on the bicycle and pedaling quickly eastbound toward the Missoula Public Library.

Joy says Fantasy experiences minor theft periodically, but incidents of this magnitude are rare. Police say "Jesse Jane" and "Ultra-Real Julie" are valued at $140 each.

"They were the more expensive ones," Joy says.

The suspect is a white male with blond curly hair and around 40 years old. He stands between 5-foot-10 and 6-feet tall, weighing approximately 190 pounds. He was wearing an orange T-shirt with vertical yellow stripes and green shorts.

While the alleged thief was hardly dressed to blend in, Missoula Police Sgt. Bob Bouchee says it could be tough to nab him unless someone who knows the suspect spots him with the goods. Adds Bouchee: "More than likely, that's going to be kept to himself."


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