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Dale Watson

Cheatin' Heart Attack


The boilerplate choice for redneck cry-in-your-beer music is probably Merle Haggard, maybe some George Jones. But when you've been dumped and deceived, and your broken heart is burning with anger and bitterness, that's when you want to stake out a stool near the jukebox in some grimy dive bar, order up a cold bottle of Bud, and tell the bartender to keep 'em coming. Plug a few bucks into the jukebox and play Dale Watson's Cheatin' Heart Attack. It's pure, it's potent and it's miles away from the sugary dreck that's oozing out of Nashvegas these days under the guise of "country music." Watson's hearty baritone spins out tale after tale of cheating, lying, boozing and leaving.


"Hole in the Wall" is not about some tiny beer joint; it's actually about a guy who gets in a fight with his woman and literally punches a hole in the wall. "Sorry about that hole in the wall / I'll fix it with some spackle and Pine-Sol." "Caught" puts the boot on the other foot, when the cheater is "caught in a motel room / the tangled sheets smell like sweet perfume." This is longneck country.

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