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Das Racist

Sit Down, Man



If they're not doing it already, obnoxious cultural studies grad students will be picking apart Das Racist's gnarly lyrics for doctorate dissertations in the years to come. And for good reason. By gnarly, I mean listening to this Brooklyn duo requires a certain knowledge of pop culture, socio-economics, race, '90s hip hop and the Google. That's a good thing for those of us bored to death with radio's hottest juh-juh-jamz. But it isn't all about being smarter, more oblique or more hyper-literate than everyone else (maybe a little). Das Racist knows partying rules and that it's best to not take one's self too seriously: "They call us joke rap/ We kinda weed rap/ We just like rap, we don't even need rap."

Perhaps, but rap needs Das Racist.


"Return to Innocence," with a sick sample from that Enigma song of the same name, features some of the album's most cocksure rhyming and demonstrates the duo's wide-ranging knowledge of cultural real estate: "Really, though/Frat dudes are like juggalos/Underrated in the game like Mark Ruffalo/I rock well like Sam and people love it yo."

With 19 tracks and almost as many producers, it's tough to sum up this mixtape. I beg you to sit down and listen, man.


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