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Crazy Clown Time



It will please you to know that most of the tracks on David Lynch's new album, Crazy Clown Time, are songs. They progress with tempos. They have instruments, particularly pedal steel guitar. Like Mr. Lynch's movies, some of the songs on Crazy Clown Time are hauntingly beautiful, or perhaps beautifully haunting. So good news, you guys: David Lynch made an album of songs using instruments.

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Those songs seem to be about an entity who suffers a psychological trauma and learns a new philosophy of being. That's the bad news. It turns out Crazy Clown Time is a concept album, and while many of its songs evoke a satisfying rockabilly desolation, others flesh out the concept. Sample lyric: "The possibility of breaking a relationship based on the idea of negative distortion of the mouth." Tina Turner couldn't sell that, much less the voice here, which sounds like Stephen Hawking's computer got a tracheotomy.

A handful of songs feature Karen O yelping across gothic soundscapes reminiscent of Dirty Beaches, and those are cool. They make maybe an EP's worth. The rest are less songs than exceedingly weird raps—poppier than you would expect from David Lynch but just still weird.


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