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Davila 666

Davila 666



Davila 666, which hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico, unleashes a perfectly retro ode to '60s and '70s garage rock via their eponymous debut. This is a record that brings to mind some of those great bands, like The Stooges, Sweet and even early Kinks, that straddled the line between punk and pop so perfectly. The 14 tracks feature guitars that are buzzsaw one moment and jangly the next, driving jungle rhythms, and gang choruses that dare you not to sing along, creating a blueprint for excellent basement party shenanigans.


If your Spanish is weak you won't understand the words, but that doesn't matter. With the lo-fi recording and questionable mix, the odds of comprehending the lyrics would be slim even if they were delivered in English. What is important is that with songs like "El Lobo," "No Quiero" and "Quizás" the band is hitting all the high points of this musical ethic, and doing it without ever going over 4:15.

Notably, Davila 666 manages to clear a hurdle that trips up many lesser bands: sticking to the plot while keeping the record interesting from song to song. This record shows their success in pulling it off.

Davila 666 plays the Palace Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 9 PM with Rooster Sauce and Secret Powers. $6.


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