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Dead Me Downs


Dead Me Downs
Ce n’ait pas parfit Records

Dead Me Downs’ debut album simulates the disconcertingly familiar discontinuity of a journey along the FM dial that yields half a dozen versions of the same song.

Common themes surface throughout: staccato grunge riffs, dynamic tricks signaling the transition between verse and chorus, and lyrics that neither narrate nor set a mood. But the effort doesn’t cohere. Despite the audible proficiency of its members—and there is plenty such evident here—Dead Me Downs lacks internal propulsion.

While Glitch’s motifs weave together into a multidimensional effort, the tapestry comes apart with the slightest bit of tugging. The host of forerunners saluted—311’s bouncy rap (“Madder”), Soungarden’s pained howling (“The Baker”), Primus’ twangy bass freakouts (“Tenshun”)—don’t mesh into more than a slumgullion of styles ladled over tried-and-true metal gruel.

Which is fine. Glitch has as much musical talent as any group in Missoula. In technical terms, there’s little to complain about on the album—the breaks are crisp and the timing changes clean. And if I could fish a reason to keep tuning in out of all that, I would. (Jason Wiener)

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