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I have not seen Devil Makes Three live, but I can tell they are great, just by those keggers I've been to where some tattooed vagabond busts out a guitar and everyone shouts "Old Number 7" in each other's faces. If your songs are memorable and true enough to become drunken-sing-along mainstays, by golly you've got something there.

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Devil Makes Three has been around a few years and produced three studio albums and two live ones, candidly saying on its website, "We have always felt like our live show was better than our CDs ... No multitracking, no studio trickery, just us playing a show and having the time of our lives."

Devil Makes Three play smart country and bluegrass for people who like dancing to good fiddlin' and like whiskey a little too much; qualities Missoulians can claim without irony.

The most recent live album, Stomp and Smash: Live at the Mystic Theatre, was released in October 2011. The production might be higher quality these days, but near as I can tell, the band is still a down-home good time.

Devil Makes Three and Johnny Fritz Corndawg play the Wilma Theatre Thu., Nov. 15., at 8 PM. $20, advance tickets available at Rockin' Rudys.

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