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II Daggers


Minneapolis-based Digitata creates stirring electro-pop that operates as both electrifying dance music and moody atmospherics that could leave you weeping in the dark. 

The trio’s newest release, II Daggers, is bluesy traditional piano fused with electronic bursts and swatches of static. It oscillates between urban cocktail disco and a soundtrack to stargazing, sometimes all in the same song.  And although the instrumental textures sculpt these emotional landscapes, the album and band would be nothing without Maggie Morrison and her rich, thrilling voice. One of the best tracks, “Do or Dine,” could be the dopplegänger of The Pretenders’ “Back on the Chain Gang.”  And in songs like “Bangin J.A.,” Morrison chews through bitter words like they’re nothing but buttery morsels. Still, she manages to maintain an edginess.

Meanwhile, Drew Christopherson jumps between even-keeled bass pedal and all-out drumming assaults, while Ryan Olson manipulates the smörgåsbord of electronic trimmings. Each song captures the remarkable dynamics between band members, producing a sound that seems perfectly perched between emotional improv and careful configuration. 

Despite the iciness of digital echoes and percolating blips, this is an ignited collection of savory songs. (Erika Fredrickson)

Digitata play The Palace Monday, Nov. 26, at 9 PM with Mel Gibson and The Pants and Sims. $3.

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