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Do it Kappa



This may surprise some readers, but ska is alive and skanking. I experienced this at the Ska4Life festival in southern California mid-2010, when rude boys and girls decked out in checkered suits and pork pie hats packed a historic theater in Pomona to watch dozens of bands, including Mustard Plug, Big D and the Kids Table and Fishbone. The giant circle pit on the main floor lasted for hours. I have not had as much fun while completely sober since.

Third-wave ska has its fans in Montana, judging by how sweaty and energized Reel Big Fish's show was at the Wilma last October, but the Garden City doesn't have much of a local scene. Ska is not a genre of music that takes itself too seriously, which I theorize doesn't appeal to our somewhat earnest, country-punk scene. Bozeman's Do it Kappa is currently carrying the area's third-wave flag. It isn't breaking any boundaries with its skacore, reggae and punk tracks, but listeners can certainly skank to their heart's content. Be sure to request the cover of "Where Eagles Dare."

Do it Kappa plays the VFW Thu., June 6, at 9 PM with Huntington Beach's Save the Swim Team and Buddy Jackson. $2/$4 for ages 18-20.

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