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Missoula has as broad a musical palette as anywhere. Even so, now and then a band will appear seemingly from nowhere and complete a picture where the missing element wasn't even apparent. Drift is one of those bands. Metal-tinged, guitar-driven hard rock is what they're about, and they nail it. Sadly, it's a sound that can be elusive in the Garden City.

Drift's music reminds me of the stuff I was hearing in dumpy clubs around the Puget Sound in the early '90s, before grunge really broke big: thick, heavy riffs doubled-up by twin guitars, fat tone and a growling mid-tempo approach that feels dark and dirty. Highlights include the stellar lead guitar work of Ian Ford and the soaring, snarling vocals of lead singer Haniah Sweeney.


I like every song on this record, but I particularly enjoy the stuttering build-up on "Right In." Another favorite is "Stand Still," which features a primary riff that reminds me of Audioslave during their finer moments.

If I have any criticism, it's this: One or two of these dudes needs to step up and lend some background vocals to Sweeney. It's a simple tweak that would take Drift's sound to an even better level.


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