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Dublin Gulch

Dirty Old Town



There's a joke that goes, "How do you tell one Irish song from another?" The answer: By the name. But, while this everything-sounds-the-same phenomenon might be true for some Celtic bands, such is not the case for long-time Butte favorite Dublin Gulch. They stick pretty close to traditional fiddling, picking and penny whistling when covering classic Irish tunes such as "My Darling Asleep," but there's also a certain country swing, like the title track.


The album displays as wide a range of flavors as pints in a pub. "Rosin the Bow" is nothing but a good, old-fashioned drinking song. On the other hand, "Blackbird" is a beautiful, haunting lament that could be straight from the soundtrack of Braveheart (wrong country, true, but the same melancholy ethos). There's no shortage of bawdy innuendo either, with tunes such as "The Dirty Bastard's Daughter" and lascivious lyrics like "If I had Maggie in the woods I'd keep her there 'til morning."

People fall into one of two camps: Either you like Irish music or you don't. If you're the type to fancy a good jig every now and then, you couldn't pick a better band than Dublin Gulch.


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