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Last time EOTO played Missoula, the electronic duo transformed The Palace from a small, basement venue into a full effects laboratory. Local artists created live paintings as EOTO's drums and synths resonated throughout the night.

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Musicians Michael Travis and Jason Hann are the former percussionist and drummer of the popular jam band The String Cheese Incident. In EOTO, they use cutting-edge machines and organic instruments, which makes for a fusion of breakbeat, drum and bass, house and dubstep that doesn't feel entirely in the realm of computers. There's nothing scripted here and no pre-recordings or samples. The band devises loops as it improvs each new groove.

Travis and Hann have consistently played Missoula since they first hit the road together back in 2006, and they've made their mark both musically and socially. This year, in keeping with their reputation for theatrics, their "Bass Invaders" tour includes a massive 3D image of a lotus flower projected on the stage. In preparation for the night, you might want to get your extra blankets out of storage: The boys have been known to party late into the night with fellow revelers and crash on random couches.

EOTO plays The Top Hat Wed., Nov. 7, at 10 PM. $22/$18 advance at Ear Candy Music and the Seafarer Entertainment website.

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