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The video for Eskmo's tune "Cloudlight" is like an acid-head's wet dream. It shows the artist, Brendan Angelides, staring at a shape-shifting sky while singing the lyrics "Cloudlight / Floating in magically colorful pieces of sky / Pieces of skylight." The music is equally trippy: a hip-hop beat with a snare evoking the sound of several tree branches being broken at once, anchored by sullen melodies and field recordings of things like bubbling water. The production is edgy and futuristic and sparkles through your speakers. It's by far one of the best tunes from this Los Angeles-based producer's 2010 self-titled record, which incorporates the tastiest parts of downtempo, glitch hop and experimental electronic music into something that's amorphous and addictive.

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In a live setting, Angelides commands your fixed attention. Expect to see him hammering away at keyboards while he sings, triggers beats and tweaks sound effects. He might also tear up pieces of paper and amplify it through a microphone for added texture. You can certainly dance to his tunes too, but you'll have to accept that Angelides is massaging your brain into a gooey pulp of psychedelic awesomeness.

Eskmo plays KBGA's Endofthon Party at the Palace Fri., Feb. 17, at 9 PM with Kris Moon and Logisticalone. $10/$8 advance plus fees at Ear Candy and Rockin Rudy's.


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