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On Thursday, Nov. 9, Britain’s Guardian ran an editorial, dryly giddy over the post-election dismissal of Donald Rumsfeld, under the much-noted headline “Thank you, America.” Of American voters the editorial said: “…the entire world owes them its deep gratitude today.”

Now that’s thanks.

Which got us to thinking, since Thanksgiving’s almost here, about what we’re thankful for. Aside from the freedom to end sentences with prepositions when it just reads better that way.

Compiling such lists is not the kind of thing newspaper staffs tend to spend a lot of time doing. It’s more fun to sniff around stuff that makes other people angry.

So we’re thankful, of course, that our jobs are fun.

And we’re with the Guardian: we’re thankful that Rumsfeld’s gone.

We’re glad Burns got booted and we’re happy Tester got elected.

We were thankful, going to the polls, to pass one of you going to the polls yourself, only more slowly, reading the Independent endorsements as you walked. Not because we think you necessarily voted that way, but because you were curious enough to wonder what we thought.

And now, we’re thankful the blessed elections are over.

We’re thankful that we live in Missoula, not Boise, or Boulder, or for gods’ sake Spokane. Not that there’s anything wrong with those places (excepting Spokane), but have you looked around lately? Walked down a street? This is the good stuff right here.

We’re thankful that we haven’t had to report on our congressman flirting with pages.

We’re thankful that we haven’t had to report on our clergymen buying meth from prostitutes.

We’ll do it if we have to, but really: thanks.

We’re thankful we didn’t get interviewed in that Borat movie.

We’re thankful Britney Spears didn’t dump us with a text message.

We’re thankful the Missoulian left us plenty of room to break some big stories this year.

We’re thankful this town is full of interesting people doing curious things, and we’re thankful we get to cover them.

And we’re thankful, every Thursday when we put a new paper on the stands, to find that most of the previous issues are gone. It’s no small pleasure to be able to have this weekly conversation.

So, finally, and really: thanks for reading.

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