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We’re…almost…there. After nearly two years of non-stop campaigning, an unprecedented number of in-state visits from candidates and a few final weeks of last-gasp scrambling (we can’t wait to see our first McCain/Palin advertisement on TV), Election Day is finally just a few days away. Can we make it? Dare we say it: Yes we can! Yes–we–can!

But making it between now and then isn’t the question. It’s what comes after Nov. 4 that concerns us. What will we do without our daily horserace updates from Keith Olberman and Sean Hannity and Campbell Brown? How will we fill our evenings without stacks of glossy postcards and campaign donation appeals to sort through? Who will call us when all those pollsters and Obama volunteers stop dialing?

Rest easy, we have answers. We anticipated this day would come, and took a few minutes to peek our heads up from writing endorsements to scope out what we can look forward to in the coming months.

Like snow. We know it’s coming, and we couldn’t help but notice that Snowbowl’s listed Nov. 29 as the official opening of the season, weather permitting. We’ve already started waxing our skis and snowboard—and we can already taste the Bloody Mary.

Before then, we’ll probably take in Warren Miller’s Children of Winter at the Wilma Theatre Nov. 8, billed as “the largest action sports film on the planet.” Gnarly.

Moving to the ice, the Missoula Maulers, our second-year junior hockey franchise, are off to an impressive start. The team’s next three-game home stand starts Nov. 7. Along the same (blue) line, the Glacier Hockey League, our longstanding local showcase of premier adult hockey, drops its first puck Nov. 6.

There’s also the Griz, who appear destined for yet another playoff run, but you’ve probably already been following them. Even political campaigns seem to take a back seat on Griz game day.

A slate of big-name concerts begins with Old Crow Medicine Show Nov. 15 and continues with dreamy Carrie Underwood on Nov. 21 and Nine Inch Nails on Dec. 9. We’re also looking forward to the next concerts from the Missoula Symphony Chorale (Nov. 16) and the Missoula Symphony Orchestra (Dec. 6 and 7).

Wow. Even just listing those events made us feel all maverick-y. We can already feel the warm embrace of real change. But consider this simply a primer of possible political respites. We’ll let you, um, vote for your own choice.

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