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Let's look back on 2012 together. Just fill in the blanks, Mad Libs-style.

Oh, what a [adjective] year 2012 was! So much happened, we hardly know where to start.

The election was certainly [adjective]. The [exaggerated number] political advertisements that aired in Montana made us want to [action of exasperation].

The most [adjective] race was between Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, a [noun] from Big Sandy, and Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg, a [noun] from Billings. Tester narrowly prevailed, thrilling [adjective] Democrats.

2013 will bring Montana a new governor, Democrat Steve Bullock, a [adjective] [noun]. He replaces Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a [adjective] [noun] who will always be remembered for his [noun], [noun] and [noun]. [Parting words], governor!

Steve Daines, a [adjective] [noun] from Bozeman, replaces Rehberg in the U.S. House. Daines joins a Republican majority that is trying to [verb] the country in the name of [right-wing political stance].

But 2012 will be remembered for so much more than the election. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld "Obamacare," a law that moves the country closer to [hyperbole].

The past year also brought Montana's first wolf-trapping season, an attempt to further cull the number of [adjective] wolves roaming the state and [verb ending in "ing"] our [plural noun]. Trappers, we wish you nothing but [emotionally charged fate].

The University of Montana's football team was in the news all yearand for all the wrong reasons. On the field, the team played like a bunch of [plural noun]. Off the field, players conducted themselves like a bunch of [adjective] [plural noun]. At least we have the Griz and Lady Griz basketball teams, both of which continue to [verb] and win.

The city, meanwhile, took a stand against using a cellphone while driving or biking. The ban now forces people to [favorite road-raged exhortation] and drive. But what's next, banning [something else that distracts motorists]?

Not all of the news this year was [adjective], though. The world didn't end last week and the Indy celebrated its 21st anniversary. Now, those are [plural noun] worth [transitive verb ending in "ing"].

But so much in 2012 left our state and nation bitterly divided. In 2013, let's resolve to [the answer to all of our problems]. Cheers.

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