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Mikki Lunda has one of the best screams ever. Whether she's barking in high-pitched fits or rolling out blood-curdling yells, she has this amazing knack for tossing her punctuations in all the right places. Lunda's best known as the frontwoman for Knot Knocked Up, a belligerent noise band notorious for partial nudity, a hell-if-I-care attitude and torrents of screaming.


For her new band, FagRag, she's pared down some of the cacophony to let the group's melodies breathe. It's a more accessible sound, but it still has enough vocal outbursts and quirky rhythms to keep it buried deep in the underground scene.

FagRag's debut, Centerfold, is a spitfire collection of frenetic energy and playful lyrics. In "Chest Press'ss" Lunda huffs and pants to gritty guitar squeals and jogging drum beats. "Casino Liquor Store" basks in the sounds of keno machines and cash registers before launching into a tantrum of vocals. My favorite track, "Hot Apple Pie," relishes spacier, slower melodies, and features spiky lines like, "Slap you in the stomach. Cut out your implants."

Centerfold is an entertaining album, one that tackles themes of alpha males, murder and personal space while toeing the line between tongue-in-cheek silliness and creepy, dark truths.

FagRag plays the Zootown Arts Center Saturday, Oct. 10, at 7:30 PM with The Deepsea Goes, Modality, The Lion. The Tamer and Satan's Slave. $5.


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