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Feel the thunder

Ghost's live theatrics usher in the season



If you are trying to get into the Halloween spirit and that pumpkin latte isn't doing the job, stay calm. Ghost is coming to town. The peculiar Swedish metal band features six anonymous members: lead vocalist and Satanic priest Papa Emeritus, and his five Nameless Ghouls. They are spooky as hell, but also super fun.

Ghost has a classic, comfortable metal sound, with no frills and no apologies. You will be able to sing along to the chorus of each song by the middle of the first listen, and the band's crisp, technical riffs and progressions should feel like home for any lovers of the genre. "I can feel the thunder that's breaking in your heart," Paper Emeritus sings on the band's latest single, "Cirice." It's so metal it hurts, but it all works.


Also in the metal tradition, Ghost thrives live—they won a Grammy this year for best metal performance. The masked Ghouls wear matching costumes as the band's lead and self-declared anti-Pope performs in skeletal face-paint and robes. Lest you get too frightened by this description, know that both the band's sound and performance has a self-aware, theatrical, almost goofy feel, like if KISS got a modern reboot and converted to Satanism as a gimmick. It's debatable whether Ghost has added anything noteworthy to the metal scene, or whether the band is fueled mostly by nostalgia. But it's hard to argue that throwing on a creepy costume and rocking out at the Wilma this weekend wouldn't be a really good time.

Ghost play the Wilma Sun., Oct. 9, at 8 PM. $29.50. All ages.


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