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Finally, a glass pact



At long last Missoulians can stop throwing their wine and beer bottles into the trash bin and start tossing them into the recycling bin. BFI is now accepting glass—free of charge—at its West Broadway facility. The company has been accepting cardboard, newspaper, magazines, plastics and aluminum cans for years, but eco-conscious Missoulians didn’t see a glass receptacle there until May.

According to Max Bauer, general manager of BFI Montana, the company is contracted by Big Sky Rock Works of Missoula to collect glass and ship it to Rock Works’ facility, where it will be used in the manufacture of concrete products.

“As long as they have a need for the glass, we’re going to continue collecting it,” says Bauer.

Big Sky Rock Works plans to crush the glass and use it as aggregate in concrete products.

“The glass will be used as a substitute for gravel. Instead of depleting our natural resources, we’re going to recycle it,” says Gary Linton, co-owner of Big Sky Rock Works.

Linton says his company is working with city and county officials to get the word out that there is finally an alternative to trashing glass.

“We’re taking as much glass as we can get from Missoula, and we’re working with other counties as well,” Linton says.

Linton is hoping the word will spread and that soon the company will have enough glass to begin supplying concrete products to individuals and contractors throughout the region.

“We’re trying to get the city and the residents of Missoula County to start saving their glass. We need to show them that we can make a viable product and help save the environment in the process,” says Linton. “The hard part will be getting enough glass and creating a demand for it. I think demand will be there once we can show people what we can do with it.” Missoulians can also take their glass directly to the Big Sky Rock Works facility at 7140 U.S. Highway 10 West.


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