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Buddy Jackson plays it feisty



The best punk rock is the kind you play really hard while screaming. That kind of music is like sex: fun to do, but hardly anybody wants to watch. There's a little of the hard screaming at the end of "Babar," the first track on Buddy Jackson's new Bridge Over Idaho split 7", but what I like is the chord that keeps resolving the verses. That chord sounds just right to me. It is the signal in the noise, the pilot's voice. He's going to turn the crash into a ride.

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Bridge Over Idaho is full of such pleasing reversals. "(Gacked Out &) Priceless" starts as a well-done exercise and becomes something more affecting with the husky second vocal. "Warren G." takes a similar lunge into deep feeling midway through. It's a testament to Buddy Jackson's craft that the band can achieve such shifts in two-minute songs.

Bridge Over Idaho is a short ride, but it's got a lot of climbs and drops. It doesn't walk the line between punk expressionism and pop pleasure so much as jump back and forth for sport. It sounds like it was fun music to make, and it is great to listen to.

Buddy Jackson plays a release party at Stage 112 Fri., Sept. 27, at 9:30 PM with Total Combined Weight, Frederick Krueger and the Sweet Dreamers, and The Whoopass Girls. $3.


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