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Fuzz Huzzi

Smell the Streets of Hollywood



Fuzz Huzzi are working the L.A./Hollywood angle for their debut EP, which seems a little weird since they call San Diego home, but whatever. They don't have a sound that comes to mind when I think of the infamous Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip, but I'm probably too nostalgic for the vintage dirty SoCal rock that got me into music in the first place. Times change, and for all I know this foursome has their collective finger on the pulse of the L.A. music sound and scene.


Fuzz Huzzi is an indie band that certainly sounds like they could be snapped up by a major label; their music would be far more at home on any corporate radio station than one blasting out of a liberal arts college. All the modern rock lynchpins are here—layered guitar riffs, funk-influenced bass and drum patterns, and alternate singing/screaming vocals. Opener "Hollywood" is, for the most part, a straight-ahead rocker. "State of Confusion," my favorite track, strays more into a funk-based theme, while "Dying Day" is the modern equivalent of the power ballad. "Love" wraps things up with moody, almost-psychedelia alternating with near-metal riffage. If music didn't get good for you until 1995, this is your ticket.

Fuzz Huzzi plays the Top Hat Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 9 PM. Cover TBA.

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