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What’s on display in Missoula and beyond


Art Museum of Missoula

Missoula Collects Ceramics, featuring works of ceramic art from local collections. On view in the Second Floor Gallery through June 30. Also, Origins: Blackmer, Senska and Trinitas, a display of more than 50 works by three modernist “pioneers of clay.” On view in the Second Floor Gallery through July 7. Closing reception Friday, July 6. Finally, Rudy, a solo exhibition of work by Missoula ceramics artist Rudy Autio. On view in the First Floor Galleries through Aug. 25. At 335 N. Pattee. Call 728-0447.

Artists’ Shop Co-Op

Limited edition woodcut prints by Dirk Lee and “figurative pots” by ceramicist Hal Mathew. On view through June. Also, ongoing displays of glass art, fiber art, woodwork and other crafts by Missoula artisans. At 306 N. Higgins. Call 721-5848.

Bernice‘s Bakery

Sketchbook work of the Missoula area by Bob Phinney, this month’s featured artist. On view through June. At 190 S. Third St. W. Call 728-1358.

Buffalo Jump Gallery

Cowboy Cadillac, the latest print by Jim Thomason. Also featuring work in a variety of media by Mary Gilmere, Jerry Johnson, Shirley Bugli, Nancy Glazier, Larry Zabel, G. Harvey, and Tim Cox. At 3946 Hwy. 93 in Stevensville. Call 777-2066.

The Catalyst

Drawings for Little Girls, oil pastels on paper by Mary Ryan. On display through June. At 111 N. Higgins. Call 543-8352.

Catlin Galleries

True Stories, photographs by Annie Warren, furniture by Patricia Don Diego and paintings by Melanie Alvarez-Catlin. On view through June. At 241 W. Main. Call 327-6688.

Counting Coup Gallery

Ongoing displays of contemporary and traditional Native American art. At 135 E. Main. Call 728-4722.

Crystal Sandbox

Fine art glass work by artist and proprietor Mark Capel. At 123 W. Main. Call 721-2333.

Dana Gallery

Watercolors inspired by the dramatic images of classic Western movies, by Billings artist Gordon McConnell. On view through June. At 123 W. Broadway. Call 721-3154.

Eating Cake

New artist-run space featuring rotating shows of work by local artists. At 314 N. First W. Call 721-1416.

Hockaday Museum of Art

The Changing Face of the Unknown, juxtapositions of color photographs by Missoula artist Dudley Dana with passages of text from psychologist C. G. Jung. Also, Watercolors, outdoor scenes by Judy Ennis, and Acrylic Paintings, featuring work by Gloria Meier. Plus, Wearable Trophies from the Hunt, works by buckskin stitcher Elaine Snyder. All four of these shows are on view through Aug. 4. Additional shows include: Of Mind and Machine, selected works by art photography students of Flathead Valley Community College. On view through July 14. At 302 Second St. in Kalispell. Call 755-5268.

Isis Studio Gallery

Opening exhibition of work by artist/proprietors Crystal Kingston and Piere Pahl. At the old Dixon Store on Hwy. 200 in Dixon. Call 246-2787.

Marianne’s at the Wilma

New photographic interpretations of the Wilma Theatre by Sally Anne Rodriguez and Cristina Verduzco. At 131 S. Higgins. Call 543-0915.

Miss Zula’s

Paintings by Cynthia Knutson. On display through June. At 111 N. Higgins. Call 541-7376.

Monte Dolack Gallery

Ongoing displays of prints by Monte Dolack and other artists. At 139 W. Front. Call 549-3248.

New Crystal Theatre

Portraits, debut show by recent Hellgate grad Sarah Strass. On display through June. At 515 S. Higgins Ave. Call 240-4286.

Ponderosa Art Gallery

Work by American and Canadian painters and sculptors, including Jim Reynolds, Bill Anton, Sherry Sander, Robert Bateman, Bob Kuhn, Terri Mimnaugh, Tim Shinabarger and Scott Christensen. At 944 Springhill Road in Hamilton. Call 375-1212.

Sorrela’s Salon and Day Spa

Oasis, color photography by Antonia Wolf. At 207 E. Main. Call 721-3639.

Southgate Mall

Hallways to History: A Photographic Walk Through Missoua’s Past, featuring 90 historic photos on display throughout the mall’s three main hallways. Call 721-5140.

Sutton West

Cowboy Pleasurin’, featuring new works by Amy Burnett and Larry Pirnie. On view through July 3. At 121 W. Broadway. Call 721-5460.

UM Museum of Fine Arts

Ancient Fires, an exhibit of Chinese ceramics and other antiquities from the collection of Nelson Chang. On display in the Henry Meloy Gallery through Sept. 1. Also, A Founder’s Song, a retrospective show of work by ceramics artist Peter Meloy. In the Paxson Gallery through Sept. 1. In the Performing Arts and Radio/TV Center on UM campus. Call 243-2019.

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