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Generationals' songs are as diverse as the city they hail from. The New Orleans pop duo hits that balance between hooks and musical chaos, resulting in simple, clean songs. Driven by keyboard, guitar and drums, the short tracks appeal to short attention spans, and the mixture of styles means there's a little something for everyone.

An old track from the band's first album, "When They Fight, They Fight," is a little too sunny. Anything containing the well-trodden line "I love you, baby" deserves a little cynicism. Still, the tinny vocals from co-frontmen Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer are catchy, like a familiar riff you might whistle over and over again. Newer tracks off this year's Heza include a wash of surf-sounding guitar. For the best primer on Generationals, listen to the upbeat 2011's Greenleaf. It makes it pretty hard to stay in a bad mood.

Generationals and Young Empires play the Badlander Fri., June 14, at 9 PM. $10/$7 advance at Ear Candy and

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