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Ghost Mice



Take the couple at the bar who are constantly smiling at each other and who can go off on stories for hours on end, and mash them up with the other couple, stuck outside the bar, playing guitar like a riot for beer money.

Make them abandon their previous music projects, smash the girl’s bass and give her a violin instead, and abandon them in Europe for a few months with no luxuries. Then you’ll get Ghost Mice.

The Indiana couple’s album, Europe, stands out from other folk punk acts in the sense that it’s really happy. Like, really happy. Like, “Yeah! We’re all going to die alone someday, but—holy crap, free pizza!” The whole album is essentially a slideshow chronicling the duo’s European trip. Each track is a different story from a different country—hitchhiking in Holland on one, getting propositioned by old men on the Irish Sea in another.

With any other band, I’d say it’s a ballsy attempt at self-indulgence, but I just can’t resist their enthusiasm. Plus, I’m a sucker for smooth violin.

Considering Ghost Mice has only played electric instruments twice in six years, you won’t hear anything high voltage here. But that doesn’t mean their acoustic tunes won’t project electricity.

Ghost Mice play with Old Shoes at Dauphine’s Thursday, July 3, at 6:30 PM. $5.

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