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Gore Gore Girls

Get the Gore


Taking their name from the Herschell Gordon Lewis-directed 1972 grindhouse classic of the same name, Detroit’s Gore Gore Girls manage the improbable mix of The Stooges’ snarl with The Supremes’ soul. Their fierce brand of distortion-heavy garage-rock doesn’t just bleed out of the speakers, it gushes.

Get the Gore is a throwback to Phil Spector’s 1960s-era girl groups like The Ronettes, combined with fuzzed guitar riffs reminiscent of fellow Motown rockers The White Stripes. GGG even cover a Spector-produced song by The Dixie Cups—the clap-laden, sing-a-long “All Grown Up.”

Amy Gore’s smoky vocals are sung, shouted and screamed with equal gusto and attitude throughout the album. On “Pleasure Unit” she growls, “Deep down inside I’m a selfish witch/One half tomboy and one half bitch/Breaking hearts is what I do/Getting through to creeps like you.” Aptly named guitarist “The Hammer” provides the album’s backbone, combining a punk punch with bluesy shimmy. It’s a package that would make GGG’s legendary Motor-City predecessors proud. (James Laber)

Gore Gore Girls play the Badlander Wednesday, Oct 10 with Electric Six and We Are the Fury at 10 PM. Cover TBA.

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