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As an older person, I found two things exciting about the GRMLN song "Teenage Rhythm." The first was how catchy and heartfelt it is. It genuinely rocks in a way that my tri-genarian nervous system found fun and satisfying. I enjoyed listening to it so much on YouTube, via the enormous headphones I need now to hear music, that it took me a minute to notice the second exciting thing—that the video itself is about old people having fun.

The old people are very old, like my parents' age, but they wear clothes and yell-talk at parties in a manner typically associated with young people such as GRMLN, aka Yoodoo Park. I'm not sure what the song means, except that you can still enjoy music and have fun at parties by re-enacting the same flawed personality you had in college, only better.

GRMLN is my favorite surprise of the summer because he reenacts the same flawed pop-punk I liked in college, only better. His hat is as flat as the trackless sea, and his clothes fit in a way that I recognize but cannot articulate. He makes me think that music will still be good when I am even older.

GRMLN opens for Geographer at Stage 112 Mon., Aug. 12, at 8 PM. $12/$10 advance.

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