Guess who's coming to dinner

The Indy drops in with its annual list of lip-smackin' holiday recipes

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The holiday season means many things to many people—visiting with family, exchanging presents, incurring unconscionable debt—but almost everyone associates Thanksgiving and Christmas with food. We're talking huge, heaping piles of traditional family favorites, decadent new dishes and those Jell-O molds your aunt insists on bringing every year. We're talking tryptophan overdoses, six days worth of leftovers, countless unbuckled belt buckles and an obscene amount of dirty dishes that we'll eventually get to. We're talking heaven.


Every November the Indy celebrates this gloriously gluttonous time of year with our own holiday menu. We track down an eclectic collection of local chefs or foodies and ask them to share something they'd typically make for a holiday spread. Some recipes seem extravagant, but are ridiculously easy to follow. Others are short and simple, but create an elegant finished product. All of them, we're sure, are delicious.

This year's lineup features our most diverse holiday menu yet. The two main courses include a recipe for turkey (with bacon!) and another for duck (with beer!). The three sides feature fresh local veggies and easy alternatives to dishes that traditionally come from a can. The soup comes topped with bits of gingersnap cookies. And the two desserts put a little twist on the typical mousse.

So, dig in. Experiment. Enjoy. Go back for seconds. And worry about those dishes another time.



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