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Hank Green

This Machine Pwns N00bs



Not long ago, the Indy featured local Hank Green as a "visionary" whose inventive websites like eco-geek and Brother 2.0, among a surfeit of other projects, made him the kind of person who stays afloat even in a recession. And here we have it, one more pie with Green's fingers in it: music.

Green's predilection to diversify proves true even on the album itself. Imagine a flashback to an early 1990s new wave techno club, then add rap. "This Isn't Hogwarts" deals in angsty-yet-nerdy punk rock with lyrical gems like, "Here's what's true. I'd do pretty much anything to go to wizard school. I'd even call Delores Umbridge my friend, if it meant I'd never have to go to gym again."


You'll be treated to a minor-key polka about colons with "Ulcerative Colitis." You'll find offbeat show-tune stylings in "Demolition Derby" and brooding acoustics in "Protons and Neutrons." It's hard not to crack a smile while listening. Green does it best when he stays wry and poker-faced, showing off his pleasantly rich vocals even while talking about murder, masturbating and chew.


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