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Happiest Hour: A Ghoul-Aid Concoction


  • photo by Derek Brouwer
What you’re drinking: An improvised cocktail by Plonk bartender Eric Simmons that incorporates a spooky kids' drink.

What’s that? Plonk, like a surprising number of Missoula bars, doesn’t mix special Halloween-themed drinks. But give Simmons a pouch of Scary Berry Kool-Aid, and he’s happy to whip up a drink fit for the holiday—and simple enough to make at your Halloween party.

What’s in it: The special ingredient in this bartender challenge is Kool-Aid’s Halloween juice pouch, known as a Ghoul-Aid Jammer (it’s similar to Capri Sun.) Simmons starts by poking the Kool-Aid straw out of its wrapper, stabbing it into the metallic pouch and pouring it into a highball glass. He sniffs the blue liquid as if it were whiskey, studying the color and flavor. Mellow, he says. A moment later, inspiration strikes.

How to make it: Simmons reaches for a bottle of cachaca, which he explains is a distilled Brazilian spirit made from sugarcane juice. The brand Plonk carries, Leblon, is available at local liquor stores. He blends an ounce of cachaca with 1.5 oz. of Ghoul-Aid, then adds a half-ounce of simple syrup and the juice from half of a lime. Simmons stirs the concoction, then serves it up. He smiles after his first sip.

What it’s called:
Simmons suggests garnishing the cocktail with a small plastic spider. But don’t ask him to name it—he’ll get spooked.

Where to find it: Simmons tends bar and invents cocktails at Plonk, 322 N. Higgins Ave. Pick up a 10-pack of Ghoul-Aid at local stores (Target sells them for $1.79).

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