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Happiest Hour: Apricot Fresh Kombrewski


  • Photo by Charlie Wybierala
Why you’re here: Beer would indisputably be the greatest beverage on Earth, except, cruelly, in large quantities it’s not great on digestion. Kombucha, with its restorative properties for the stomach, could similarly be considered a fermented gift from the gods, except for the unfortunately minuscule alcohol content. For years we fans of fermentation have faced a bleak future wending pitifully between these two hard truths, like Republican politicians who must endorse Trump while simultaneously distancing themselves from most of what he says. But into this bleak future has stepped a middle path, courtesy of Kettlehouse Brewing and local kombucha producers Nourishing Cultures. Into this bleak future has stepped the Kombrewski.

What you’re drinking: To be specific, the Apricot Fresh Kombrewski, a combination of apricot kombucha and Fresh Bongwater Hemp Ale. This is the second manifestation of this fermentation experiment, the first being a Raspberry Kombrewski that took home a silver medal from the 2016 North American Brewers Association. 

What it tastes like: The Kombrewski front loads with a strong apricot flavor in a beer so silky smooth it almost feels like it was poured on nitro and so refreshing you won’t know it’s good for you. Taphouse manager J. Ryan Weingardt suggests ordering one quickly because it’s flying out of the keg.

How it works: The execution is rather simple. Both Kettlehouse’s Fresh Bongwater and Nourishing Culture’s apricot kombucha are fermented separately, then mixed together prior before going on tap. Weingardt says they’re estimating an alcohol content somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5 percent. 

Where you’re drinking: At the Southside Kettlehouse and in a pint glass, as it’s not on tap on the Northside and they’re not filling growlers with this brew. Find the taproom at 602 Myrtle St. 

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