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Happiest Hour: Pabst from the Orange Street Food Farm



Why we’re here: We just learned that the Orange Street Food Farm sells more Pabst Blue Ribbon than nearly any other grocery store or supermarket in the country.

“We’re number three in retail sales,” says Food Farm assistant store manager Tommy Hendrix.

Aiming to understand the root of the Food Farm’s success, we wandered down its beer aisle to check out the selection. Nearly a whole refrigerator is stuffed with Pabst’s trademark white cans with blue labels. The selection of tall boys, cases and bottles is impressive.


But as we gazed into that cooler, we thought, “Why aren’t we number one?”

Hendrix says that North Carolina and Utah stores beat us.

“By how much?” we asked.

Hendrix says Pabst won’t release that information.

That seemed weird. So we called Zip Beverage, which supplies Pabst to the Food Farm. Zip’s Doug Davis said that the Food Farm has now actually beat out North Carolina, meaning it’s “number two now in the country.” But an unnamed Salt Lake City store still has us beat. Davis wouldn’t say by how much. An email from the Indy to Pabst corporate headquarters went unanswered.

It doesn’t seem fair that we don’t know what our competition looks like. But that doesn’t dim our love for the beer. Actually, it’s only sparked our competitive spirit. We’re off to the Food Farm to stock up for a full weekend of Happiest Hours.

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