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Happiest Hour: Stone of Accord



We skipped last week's Happiest Hour blog post, and, judging from the flood of angry letters and the near-riots outside our office, we don't plan on ever letting that happen again. So, without further ado, we get you ready for the holiday weekend with a new installment featuring Stone of Accord.

Claim to fame: The North Reserve relative of popular downtown Irish pub Sean Kelly’s. This place is a bit more restaurant than bar, but still drinker-friendly.

Biggest difference from Sean Kelly’s: The illustrious Chef Dan Zachary. The former Sean Kelly’s chef—co-winner of our 2008 Best of Missoula poll for Best Chef—moved to the new location when it opened in May 2009. Stone of Accord offers the same menu as Sean Kelly’s, but the specials are all Chef Dan’s.

Okay, impress us with a Chef Dan special: The night we were there, the main special was baked tilapia topped with baked crab meat and a pineapple salsa, served with rice pilaf, veggies and soda bread. When the tilapia ran out, Chef Dan featured a 12-ounce chive horseradish Kobe steak.

This is a drinking column, so talk about the bar: You’re ordering Guinness, of course. Will MacKenzie, the sort of affable bartender who knows his customers by name, pours it appropriately slow. Plenty of local brews are also on tap

Happy Hour specials: None.

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