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Happiest Hour: The Dude Abides



The scene: Like a Jackie Treehorn beach party, the place was full of characters. Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski lookalikes, spandex-clad nihilists and a bewigged version of the manservant Brandt mulled about Montgomery Distillery on Friday, Jan. 17, in preparation for The Dude Abides ’14. The Wilma’s annual screening of The Big Lebowski gave the distillery an opportunity to offer its delicious version of a White Russian at a one-night-only discount. Moviegoers flocked to take advantage of the offer.

The beverage: The Dude Abides is Montgomery Distillery’s take on the drink celebrated in the Coen brothers’ cult classic film. The standout ingredient is a homemade coffee liqueur that adds a rich flavor and a little extra kick to El Duderino’s drink of choice. “It is a classic White Russian and we put our spin on it by making our own coffee liqueur,” says bartender Mike Lattanzio. “We make that by using our vodka and Black Coffee Roasting Company’s Mexican coffee. We turn it into a coffee vodka, then add a few ingredients and turn it into a coffee liqueur. We think it really makes the drink shine.” Mix the liqueur with milk, Quicksilver vodka and ice, shake it to a frothy fizz, and your strict drug regimen will be complete.

The staple: The Dude Abides, normally $6, went for just $4 on Friday night. If you missed the fun, fear not. The drink is a staple at the distillery. “Any time people drink [The Dude Abides] they are usually drinking it with a smile and they are definitely enjoying their day,” says Lattanzio. “It is one of our top sellers. It is definitely in the top four, maybe even in the top three.”

The location: Find The Dude Abides at Montgomery Distillery, 129 W. Front Street.

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