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Happiest Hour: White Claw Hard Seltzer


What it is: “It’s like LaCroix, but with alcohol in it,” as an Indy staffer’s friend proclaimed at a recent house party. White Claw—which is unaffiliated with LaCroix—comes in fruit flavors, spiked with booze and topped with bubbly water. White Claw was released in spring by Chicago-based Mark Anthony, the same company that makes Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Diane Sayler, director of brand experience for Mark Anthony, says their goal is to appeal to the more health-conscious drinker. Each can clocks in at a mere teaspoon of sugar.
“Consumers out there are trying to live a life that has some balance to it,” she says. “They want to have drinks, but they care what’s in them.”

  • Kate Whittle

Where to find it:
Most local supermarkets and liquor stores, plus “anywhere an active lifestyle would be common,” Sayler says, such as golf clubs, beaches and pools.

And Red’s: The Indy office isn’t very close to any golf clubs or beaches, but the conveniently located Red’s Bar on Ryman Street also stocks White Claw. Manager Von Richter says since they brought it on a few weeks ago, it’s been surprisingly popular with some of the clientele at the long-running sports bar. “Females usually order it,” Richter says. “And they love it.”

How it tastes: Pretty much like LaCroix, but with a mild taste of alcohol. Fruit flavors like black cherry and grapefruit make White Claw seem sweeter than it really is, and at 5 percent ABV, it packs the same punch as most regular beers.

More to come: Look for more flavors and a variety pack hitting Montana shelves soon. A six-pack of White Claw retails for a suggested price of $9.99. Find a 12-ounce can at Red’s for $3.75.

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