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Packers fans to huddle up at The Despo



The place to be: Desperado Sports Tavern—often called "The Despo"—is Missoula's de facto Green Bay Packers bar, and come Sunday the Garden City's most devout cheeseheads will belly-up before the bar's 32 HDTVs to watch their beloved Pack take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

What to expect: If the Packers win, absolute pandemonium. If they lose, despair on par with the beginning of prohibition in 1920. Either way, expect lots of beer and chicken wings—the best in town. You may also see long blonde wigs in honor of stud linebacker Clay Matthews, and green-clad men appearing to fasten invisible championship belts around their beer bellies a la quarterback Aaron Rodgers after a touchdown.

Why The Despo: Ask Packers fans. Owner Brian Cote never intended for Desperado to be a Packers bar. He says "immigrants from Lambeau" simply took the place over. We'll see if the Packers dynamic offense can similarly impose its will on the menacing Steelers defense.

What about Steelers fans? Anecdotal evidence suggests there are many fewer "Stillers" fans than Packers fans in Missoula. In any case, many will surely watch the Super Bowl at Paradise Falls sports bar on Brooks Street.

How to find The Despo: Point your feet, bike or cab driver toward 3101 S. Russell Street, near the YMCA.

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