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Rowdy's Cabin



Atmosphere: The bar's namesake says it all: Rowdy Yates, the famed silver screen cowboy from "Rawhide" played by then-rising star Clint Eastwood. Rustic Western flavor doesn't stop at the log cabin façade outside. The place looks like the kind of lounge you'd find at a dude ranch, all animal mounts and timber paneling. From the antler chandelier to the sprawling steer horns above the bar, everything about Rowdy's screams "giddy-up." About the only thing missing is Clint himself, scowling over a glass of moonshine.

What you're drinking: Rowdy's specializes in Mexican fare—tequila and margaritas to match the food served up by Fiesta en Jalisco, the attached restaurant. And they make one hell of a Jose Cuervo Black-based Bloody Mary, dubbed the "Black Maria" by bar manager Sadie Carte. But drinks are where the West ends and the fun begins. Rowdy's offers a line of pop culture digs. Try the Fireball-inspired F Bomb, or the Lindsay Lohan, billed as a "red headed slut with a splash of coke." "We just try to make people laugh," Carte says.

When to show up: Most nights of the week promise to get a bit wild, but Rowdy's is known around town for its Cinco de Mayo party. The bar raffles off a trip to Mexico every year. In winter, Snowbowlers tend to stop in after a day on the slopes. Carte says the summer months pick up, too, thanks to the proximity of North Reserve's hotels. "If there are fires in the summer, that's when we get really busy," she says. "We even have a firefighter special. If you're a firefighter, every third drink is free."

Happy Hour: Rowdy's is solidly in the running for best happy hour in town. Every Sunday to Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. you can get two-for-one margaritas, Coronas, and Bud Lights with Lime. The bar also knocks $2 off all pitchers and 50 cents off bottles, pints, and well drinks. And when the party ends, it's good to know Rowdy's does growler fills. Yeah, that's right. Growler fills at the bar. Clint would be proud.

Where to find it: Just across from Stone of Accord at 4880 North Reserve St.

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