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Happiest Hour

Cyrus Skinner's Steakhouse



Ambiance: An air-conditioned blast of meaty-smelling air hits you as soon as you pull open Cyrus Skinner's heavy wooden door. Country crooners on the radio sing about beer, pickup trucks and women. There's an enormous stuffed buffalo head above the fireplace. The dining room is dotted with super-sized televisions, roomy booths and a full bar adorned with guns hanging overhead.

History: Cyrus Skinner was an infamous Montana outlaw known for robbing gold miners and travelers. The Montana vigilantes caught him in 1864 and hanged him, not far from where a Walmart sits today. "We like gambling and outlaws," says Skinner's owner Mark McQuirk. "But not in the sense that you're going to get beaten up."

What you're drinking: Choose from a full bar stocked with hard booze, affordable wine and lots of beer, including Cyrus Skinner brew, made by Coors especially for the establishment. Margaritas, blended or on the rocks and made with a range of tequilas, are popular, too.

What you're eating: Choose from an extensive menu of salads, seafood and rich desserts. We think you would be remiss, however, to not eat a big slab of beef, too.

What you're doing: Gambling. In a casino adjacent to the dining room, attendants every hour draw a random number. If your video gaming machine corresponds to that number, you get to spin a massive wheel. Depending on your luck, you can haul in a jackpot of up to $100.

Happy Hour specials: Half price on all drinks Monday through Thursday afternoons from 4 until 6.

How to get there: Take Broadway west from Russell Street. It's on the right at 2300 W. Broadway.

Happiest Hour celebrates western Montana watering holes. To recommend a bar, bartender or beverage for Happiest Hour, e-mail

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