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Posh Chocolat Porter



Cupid's concoction: Introducing the marriage of local beer and local chocolate: the Kettlehouse Brewing Company's Posh Chocolat Porter.

Holy trinity: The K-Hole brewed the beer more than a year ago with roasted and crushed cocoa beans from Missoula's favorite chocolatier, then stashed it away in a bourbon barrel and recently broke it out in honor of Valentine's Day. Brewer Tommy Patches says a few regulars have called the joining of beer, chocolate and whiskey the "holy trinity."

How it tastes: For a dessert beer, pretty bitter, actually. But chocolately, malty and smooth, with a dark, frothy head. It's a sipper, for sure. As Patches says, "A snifter might be all you'll be able to handle." And it's going fast. Patches says the porter was a hit at last weekend's BrewFest, selling out in about two hours. On Monday, there were only about five kegs left.

The stats: Posh Chocolat Porter comes in at 8.5 percent ABV. $4 for a snifter, $18 to fill a growler.

Where to find it: Only at the Kettlehouse taproom at 602 Myrtle St., while supplies last.

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