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Happiest Hour

Breakfast mimosas at The Shack



Atmosphere: When The Shack was on Front Street, it really was more of a shack. For the last few decades, at its location on Main Street, it's been one of the fancier joints in town at which to enjoy breakfast. It's art noveau-meets-old-West saloon style gives it non-stuffy charm. The intricate wooden bar sports a beer tap and enormous bottles of champagne, which remind you that hair of the dog doesn't have to be trashy.

What you get: You'll feel like a high-roller when the waitstaff brings a trio of items: a champagne glass, a small flute of orange juice and a miniature but dramatic-looking Cordon Negro bottle of Freixenet cava.

  • Photo by Jessie Knadler

How it tastes: The black bubbly has a crisp apple-and-citrus hint of flavor with a ginger finish. It's refreshing on its own, but mixed with The Shack's tangy fresh-squeezed orange juice, it's die for.

What you're eating: You could drink these exquisite mimosas with something brash like The Buffalo Pie (egg and ham piles on hash browns, smothered in gravy). Why not? But if you're going for complementary food, you should try a mimosa with the Rocky Mountain rainbow trout, boned and served with poached eggs.

When to go: You can get mimosas any morning of the week, but they taste best on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning with family or friends, when you're relaxed enough to forget your obligations.

How to find it: The Shack at 222 West Main St.

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