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Chain Reaction Fresh Hop Ale



If there was a LEED certification for beer, Draught Works' new Chain Reaction Fresh Hop Ale would earn a "Platinum" rating. It's about as green as beer gets (St. Patty's Day specials notwithstanding).

A little sweat in your beer: Chain Reaction is brewed with fresh-off-the-vine hops from Corvallis. A few weeks ago, four teams of cyclists raced with about 30 pounds of hops strapped to their backs nearly 50 miles from Corvallis to Missoula. Not only that, the beer's grainsome 1,000 pounds worthwas milled with pedal power. It was all part of the first annual Chain Reaction Fresh Hops Festival, which Draught Works co-owner and brewer Jeff Grant calls a "big, sustainable transportation promotion for Missoula."

On tap now: Draught Works started pouring Chain Reaction on Wednesday, Sept. 26. It's a tasty, well-balanced American pale ale. They brewed 30 kegs' worth, so it won't be available very long. A dollar from each pint sold is split between local groups Free Cycles and Adventure Cycling Association.


On tap later: Grant says he's "super excited" for next year's festival, not only for the fresh-hopped ale, but to see if the MT Alpha girls can defend their hop relay-race title.

Where to find it: The Draught Works taproom at 915 Toole Ave. in Missoula.

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