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Hot Buttered Rum



Why you're drinking it: Because the holidays are here, it's cold out and you want something warm, sweet and strong to sip—and because any beverage that's "buttered" has to be good.

Where to find it: Lots of places. We recently sampled The Depot's version ($6) and found it to be excellent, which doesn't surprise, considering that the ingredients are butter, vanilla ice cream, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and, of course, rum.

Or make it at home: Turns out, The Depot and other bars and restaurants around town make theirs using Zim's Hot Buttered Rum Mix, made by Doug Zimamer, owner of Grizzly Liquor in downtown Missoula. "It's an old recipe I've had for years," Zimamer says. Grizzly Liquor sells 12-ounce containers of the mix for $4.75. "We'll sell it all the way through February, or as long as the weather stays cold," he says.

Instructions: Depot bartender Lance Carl says to simply mix a tablespoon of Zim's, a shot of rum and hot water in a small glass and stir. If you're looking for a cold-weather drink sans butter and ice cream, Carl recommends The Depot's "HotChata," which is RumChata in hot chocolate.

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