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Dirty Girl



What you're drinking: A Dirty Girl. It's a glass of your favorite root beer—don't try too hard; A&W will suffice—and a shot of Orphan Girl Bourbon Cream Liqueur distilled at Headframe Spirits in Butte, America. It's a boozy root beer float.

Why it's awesome: Few flavors conjure memories of the best parts of being a kid like a root beer float. Summer vacation, sticky fingers, Little League, Easy-Bake Ovens—add whatever cliché you like to the list, root beer floats are on it too.

Why it's really awesome: Orphan Girl is Headframe Spirits' rebuttal to Baileys Irish Cream. Rather than Irish whiskey, though, it's made with bourbon. The result is silky and sweet with just enough bite to remind you you're imbibing. At 70 percent ABV, it puts the "dirty" in Dirty Girl.


Where it should be enjoyed: Don't order this drink at a bar. You can if you want, but don't tell your friends the Indy recommended you do. The way to really enjoy a Dirty Girl is at home, on the couch, with a loved one or someone you're trying to love (excuse the innuendo, we didn't name the drink). Don't make a spectacle of it either. Just buy a six-pack of root beer and a bottle of Orphan Girl ($22) and pour over ice. It's a simple drink, and should be enjoyed simply.

For you skeptics: Sugary cocktails get a bad rap for being cheap, headache-inducing mistakes made by kids on spring break. Don't even think about lumping the Dirty Girl in with that foolishness. Sure, it's sweet, but this cocktail is made with the good stuff: Orphan Girl won top honors at the 2012 SIP Awards, an international spirits competition.

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