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Travel bottles at Grizzly Liquor



What you'll find: Behind the cash register at Grizzly Liquor, you'll find a wall loaded with tiny liquor bottles. At first glance, the cute display looks like a curiosity shop shelf full of elixirs. A closer look reveals an array that you'd expect to find in the world's best-stocked hotel mini-bar—Smirnoff of all flavors, Baileys and Kahlua, Bombay Sapphire, Firefly teas, cinnamon whiskey and more. A couple bottles are in the shape of skulls, including Kah Tequila and Crystal Head Vodka, which was created by actor Dan Aykroyd. Two longtime employees at the liquor store filled us in on some of the reasons patrons go for the wee bottles.

Reason 1: Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight: You can't take more than 3 ounces of liquid in any one container, but you can definitely take 1.7 ounces—the amount contained in these bottles. Alcohol is expensive on the plane, but when you bring your own at just over $2 a pop, you're being thrifty. Suddenly, that cart of free soda pop looks way more delicious when you can dress it up a little.

  • Erika Fredrickson

Reason 2: Happy holidays, li'l boozer: Forget boring oranges, how about a couple bottles of Jägermeister to stick in your family's Christmas stockings? Or do an adult Easter egg hunt and hide 25 bottles in your backyard instead of eggs. Did we just invent a new game for your college roommates, or what?

Reason 3: Moderation: Perhaps you don't have a problem with drinking if you only buy little bottles of liquor and drink them one at a time.

Reason 4: Variety is the spiced rum of life: Sometimes, when you're poor, it's impossible to build up a liquor collection in your house. If you buy the makings for an apple martini (why!?) then you're stuck with apple martinis for the next couple of weeks. Little bottles mean you can have an Irish Car Bomb one night and a French Connection the next.

Where to find it: Grizzly Liquor is located at 110 W. Spruce, near the Missoula Federal Credit Union.

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