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The Jack Saloon and Grill



Tears in beers: Earlier this year, the famed Lumberjack Saloon off Highway 12 between Lolo and Lolo Pass closed its doors suddenly and without explanation. Loyal drinkers lamented on Facebook, with one commenter writing, "There's tears in my beer." Others simply thanked the establishment for its years of service and bid a fond farewell—a farewell that, as of this weekend, many will be overjoyed to retract.

The Jack is back: So much for the lyrics to Percy Mayfield's old blues classic, "Hit the Road, Jack." The Lumberjack, officially renamed the Jack Saloon and Grill, announced this week that it is once again pouring drinks—under new owners Stuart and Patty Larkin. Rumor first began circulating on social media, and The Blaze finally confirmed the reopening Wednesday. Juan Sandoval, general manager at the Jack, says the doors have actually been open for a month now, but the bar is still working on getting the word out.

  • Cathrine L. Walters

Bring on the party: The Jack hosted a grand (re-)opening last weekend featuring country music group Sho Down. But don't worry if you missed the festivities. Live music will continue every Saturday night from here on, and in a true return to style, those who have tossed back a few too many can rent a cabin for $60 to $80 a night. Sandoval says the Jack is also actively looking for "a good deal" on a bus, so the bar can resume regular shuttles to and from Missoula.

Where to find it: If you don't already know where to point your car, head west up Highway 12 out of Lolo and keep your eyes peeled for the sign on the right. The Jack is at 7000 Graves Creek Road.

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