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All Souls Ale



What you're drinking: All Souls Ale is a limited edition imperial saison, which means it's a light, highly carbonated, slightly fruity and spicy beer. In the early 20th century saisons were brewed during the inactive months of winter and stored in farmhouses for drinking in the summer. No need to wait on this one (though we're told it does age well). Just be mindful of too much chugging—it's 11 percent alcohol by volume compared to the 7 percent or so of yesteryear's saisons.

Why you're drinking it: This the fourth year Big Sky Brewing has partnered with All Souls Missoula, an alternative Christian church, to make the beer. The proceeds go to the local nonprofit Imagine Missoula, which organizes volunteers to help people with shoveling snow, weatherizing homes, moving and other small home projects. "It's a way to really encourage community in Missoula," says Nina Alviar, the program director for Imagine Missoula. "If there's snow piling up on your neighbor's walkway, have you met them? Are they sick? Are they older? Are they living with disabilities? Is it a single parent?"


What you're getting: The 750ml bottles cost $14. A case of 12 bottles is $168 and a half case is $84. The label alone makes it totally gift-worthy and collectable, as it features a colorful stained-glass-style portrait of the Mother Mary holding a glass of beer. "What some people do is pop one open for the holidays, save one or two to age, and then they give the rest away," Alviar says.

Where to find it: Big Sky is rolling out All Souls at its taproom at 5417 Trumpeter Way on Fri., Dec. 13., starting at 11 a.m. You can reserve yours now by calling Alviar at 546-4697. Go to for more info.

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