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Mighty Mo Oak Smoker Scotch Ale


What you’re drinking: Mighty Mo Brew Co.’s Smoke Jumper scotch ale has been on the Great Falls brewery’s menu since it first opened in December 2013. For the Oak Smoker, Mighty Mo brewers took Smoke Jumper and aged it on toasted oak spirals for three weeks.

What it tastes like: The base brew is a malty, full-bodied ale with notes of dark fruit and molasses. The aging process adds oak and vanilla flavors to the already rich beer. If you’re a fan of Kettlehouse’s Cold Smoke, this is right up your ale-y.

Who brewed it: Mighty Mo co-owner and head brewer Casey Kingsland made a limited batch of the Oak Smoker Scotch Ale—eight barrels—and distributed it only within 100 miles of Great Falls. Missoula is the exception to that rule because, you know, we’re so beer-crazy we’re worth the trouble.

When you’re drinking it: Any time over the next few weeks until it runs out. Pro tip: Head over to The Dram Shop on Mondays noon–9 p.m. to take advantage of the tap room’s $3 special on non-premium beers, including Oak Smoker.

Where to find it: At The Dram Shop Growler Fill Station and Tap Room, 229 E. Front St., next to The Pearl Cafe.

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The original print version of this article was headlined "Mighty Mo Oak Smoker Scotch Ale"

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