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Hauf Peak (8,807’) is the loftiest of the highpoints on the crest of Printz Ridge. It is seldom climbed. There is no trail to its summit and no easy way to reach it. The most direct route includes approximately 3,600 feet of elevation gain over the last mile and a half—gain which includes bushwhacking through dense underbrush.

Views from the summit of Hauf Peak include the nearby summits of Downing Mountain, Romney Ridge, North Canyon Peak, Canyon Peak, Castle Crag, Mill Point, and Mill Point West. On a clear day, one can see all the way from El Capitan (south) to Saint Joseph (north), uncountable peaks in Idaho (west), and large portions of the Bitterroot Valley and the Sapphire Range (east).

To climb this peak, hike west 4.25 miles from the Blodgett Creek Trailhead on the well-maintained trail. Leave the trail and climb (Class 3) north up a large chute to the saddle on the ridge-crest west of Hauf Peak’s summit. Climb a half mile (eastward) up the crest of the ridge to the highpoint.

—Michael Hoyt

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