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Heavy hitter

Excision carves his own dubstep niche


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Dubstep seems ubiquitous these days, so I can understand if you're over it. Yes, most of it does sound the same, and copycats are a dime a dozen. Thankfully though, the genre still has its share of innovative torchbearers, and British Columbia's Excision is one of them. He is, in fact, one of a handful of producers to pioneer a newer style of rowdy, party-'til-dawn dubstep that takes more influence from the aggressive, chugging riffs of heavy metal than the stoned-out vibes of Jamaican dub music.

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A tune like "Execute," from the 2011 X Rated, punishes listeners (in a good way) with metallic bass lines that morph every few bars and sound like aliens engaged in some sort of twisted blood orgy. A punchy breakbeat aimed for dancefloor devastation makes fans want to shake their bodies like possessed Pentecostal snake handlers. Electro house tunes "Swerve" and "Ohhh Nooo" evoke a maniacal dance-off between humanoids and androids.

Excision is all about sonic intensity, and his gig this week ought to prove it. He's reportedly bringing a 100,000-watt sound system, which is also equipped with trippy, state-of-the-art visuals. It'll be a night of extreme bass music that shakes the audience to its core.

Excision plays the Wilma Wed., Jan. 30, at 7 PM with Paper Diamond and Vaski. $25.


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