Holloway Lake

Situated high in the Sweeney Creek drainage at 7,700 feet, 18-acre Holloway Lake is a popular backcountry destination. The scenic, 7-mile trail starts high above Florence and offers terrific views of Mt. St. Joseph and the Pyramid Buttes along the way. Due to its proximity to Missoula and the easy access to a series of lakes, the trail attracts plenty of traffic. But if you can stand a little company, the clear blue waters and the rugged ramparts above make Holloway a very worthwhile destination.

Holloway Lake has no obvious campsites, though some intrepid campers opt to bed on the lumpy, canted ledges surrounding the shore. Most overnighters choose nearby Duffy Lake as their base to explore the cirque above. Either way, expect competition for choice spots on summer weekends.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reports stocking the lake with 2,000 westslope cutthroat trout in 2008.


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