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Iceage Cobra

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Just like its myriad MySpace-listed influences, Iceage Cobra’s debut leans toward neurosis. At their core they are a garage rock trio with enough growl and grimace to enliven Iggy Pop and The Stooges, as this Seattle-based band, with a foundation in Spokane, have found the true meaning of loud and brash. But add a few layers of inspiration and a stroll through guitar rock history begins to unfold, and originality eventually prevails. The result is a sometimes muddied, sometimes splendid effort that sounds like a grab bag of CDs from the local discount bin.

A less melodic version of the Murder City Devils, Iceage Cobra’s tendency toward driving rhythms and arena-y riffage are exemplified on “We Gotta Move” and “Tornado of Knives.” The trio recalls MC5 on “Acid Pony” and delivers a Godly intro on “Hurricane Shake” before sliding into what could be the lost outtakes from an unrehearsed Rocket From the Crypt set. Unfortunately, “We’re Gonna Win Some Money” is the album’s biggest distraction, an unsettling attempt of funk-filled rap.

With a heavy dose of snarling guitars and furious rhythms, Iceage Cobra celebrates the dirty side of rock; occasionally, though, with just too much of it. (Jonathan Stumpf)

Iceage Cobra plays the Badlander Friday, Jan. 25, at 9 PM. Eddy Burke, the Pillar Saints and Victory Smokes open. $5.

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